Who are we?


The company MENO is active in the field of short-term rentals of luxury furnished properties in Greece. By January 2022 the company is managing over 100 furnished properties which are consisted of apartments, houses and villas in the following areas:

  • Athens and the wider area of Attica
  • Mykonos
  • Serifos
  • Aegina
  • Kythnos

Our company has the exclusive management of 95% of all the properties we manage.

The company also has privately-owned SUVs, and minivans in order to provide transport to their guests.


The company was founded in 2014 after four years of exclusive engagement of the partners in the field of short-term rentals of furnished properties in the tourism sector. The founders began their business in 2010 with the management of their own properties and the long-term lease of unique properties in the best areas of Athens and Mykonos. This beginning coincided in a very difficult time for our country with the economic crisis, especially in the Athens area where the riots, disasters and daily demonstrations in the center of Athens dominated. This resulted in the deterioration of Athens as a tourist destination. These two factors, the economic crisis and the downgrading of Athens center resulted in the shutdown of 40% of the hotels in Athens. This was an opportunity and the two partners took advantage of it to fill the vacancy of the touristic accommodation with a new product that had just begun to appear in Athens.

The comparative advantage of the company with the competition is that the two partners were pioneers in this field. They were the first to deal with the short-term rentals in an organized way in Athens center as well as in the suburbs. Because of the many years of expertise with this segment of tourism, a significant know-how and experience was gained after thousands of reservations and thousands of satisfied customers. The company is known as G.P. KANELLOPOULOS & SIA EE or even GEORGE in the online vacation rentals channels such as Airbnb, Homeaway, Trip Advisor, Booking, etc. and it has hundreds to thousands of reviews from visitors to each of the aforementioned channels, which strengthens its reputation and credibility every day.